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NAWAL – “The Voice of Comoros”


(l to r) Earthcandy's Jamila Crawford, Nawal, her band members: Aurore Voahangy Coriton, Claudine François, Jean Baptiste Gbadoe,

In this episode of Earthcandy* food.fashion.flyness. I go on a unique musical journey of the Francophone diaspora with singer/songwriter NAWAL who hails from Comoros ( an island in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Mozambique). Now based in Paris, France, she is recognized as a key figure from her native islands.

Nawal sings and plays gambusi (guitar and the long-necked lute), harmonic flute, mbira (Zimbabwean thumb piano), daf (Iranian frame drum) as well as other instruments. She’s also self-produced her first two albums, “Kweli” and “Aman”.

I caught up with Nawal while she’s celebrating her new release “Embrace the Spirit” with a tour in the USA. The experience was incredible and I felt like I was travelling over the Indian Ocean as I watched her perform and listened to her lyrics.

Enjoy the ride!