Jamila Crawford is NOT an enigma, though some might think she is.  How else can you explain someone whose creativity cannot be conveniently categorized or labeled?  On any given day, you may find her catering vegan cuisine for celebrity clients like; Erykah Badu, Dave Chappelle, and Stacy Dash (just to name a few), before whisking off to style the latest dead prez music video or model the latest in globally inspired, urban fashion for acclaimed photographers and hip magazines, all before making the rounds at local flea markets or thrift stores shopping for unique and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces or decorative elements for her latest interior decorating client.  But, again, she is not an enigma. There is a common element in all of her endeavors; Jamila has the uncanny ability to turn nothing into something.

Jamila Crawford is a certified ALCHEMIST.  Through her lifestyle brand EARTHCANDY: Food. Fashion.Flyness, Jamila fuses her culinary skills, eye for style and all around creativity to transform the world around her into a visually and tastefully opulent, multi-sensory, mind-altering experience. Growing up in NY with a Dominican mother and American father, Jamila’s life has always been a fusion of wordly tastes, sights and sounds. Armed with a Masters Degree in Domestic Arts from the UNIVERSE, Jamila aims to use her expertise to champion the beauty and splendor in all that the world has to offer. What could be more sweet than Earthcandy?



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