‘Tis The Season To Be Eating!


Candles flicker, soft music plays. Generations of your kin are gathered around the table.  Your family bonds and reminisces over another festive holiday dinner- a feast fit for royalty, replete with all manner of dishes prepared with love.

Uncles and cousins, aunts and siblings tell embarrassing stories or laugh at the musings of the baby, the newest family member, as he gurgles and coos.

Suddenly, abruptly a violent rumble rips through the loving affair.

The inhuman noise jolts napping Grandpa awake. Startled, Big Mama,who had carefully been slicing the large turkey and ham, drops her carving knife and fork to the floor in a loud clatter. The baby begins to cry as all heads turn in your direction.

Embarassed and ashamed, your head drops, acknowledging that the mournful and disruptive rumble was in fact your stomach – angered and empty, growling for sustenance, forsaken by a table with no sympathy for a vegetarian such as yourself.

A person can live on dinner rolls and white rice but for so long.

That’s where I come in…

This holiday season, don’t be ran “A-FOWL” by your family’s inability to prepare food NOT SEASONED with meat! Earthcandyarts can provide a healthy and hearty holiday meal that will make you the envy of your relatives! Choose from a selection of delicious vegan items which will be delivered in time for your family’s annual feast.

This year, you’ll have reason to give thanks!

serving metro ATL


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