Stylin’ & Profilin’


it's a WRAP! model Dionne & stylist Jamila for Ma-E-Ma swimsuit photo shoot

Let me just say that I LOOOOOVE what I do! I also love the fact that I partake in many “DO’s” (a.k.a.creative outlets). It makes me feel alive to think outside the box when it comes to food, fashion and flyness. It doesn’t hurt that others notice and request my expertise either (hee-hee).

Oooh! Speaking of which, in this episode of Earthcandy*, I take you behind the scenes of the Ma-E-Ma swimsuit photoshoot that I styled. This day-long affair consisted of location, wardrobe, jewelry, and pose changes–and I enjoyed every BIT of it! The crew for the shoot are professionals that I’ve had the honor of working with before, so to gather again was like a mini-reunion!

So gather ’round family! Here’s the next episode of Earthcandy*!


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