“DASH’n” ’round the world


While perusing through my emails, I come across one from music producer Barry Walker with a request to assist in a music video for trumpet player/vocalist Dashill SunnovahKind.

“Sure”, I answered. “Just send me the track so I can vibe to it”.

It’s a really cool song about a man who searches the world over trying to find that perfect woman. In the song, Dashill uses a lot of dreamy metaphors which could certainly lure a girl in :-)!

Barry tells me the concept for the video and together we make some minor adjustments and tweaks.  THEN, he catches me off-guard by stating, “You are aware that YOU’RE the one he’s searched the world over for in the video, right?”

Well, shut the front door!

After considering the fact that: 1) it’s a nice song, 2) I enjoy the artist AND 3) the price was right ($$$), I happily agreed.

We had a good time shooting because Dashill is always a pleasure to watch perform. He’s even performed at a few of my Bazaar Noir events before and the audience loves him :).  Anyhoo, all I had to do was look at him like he’s the greatest man alive, smile, give him the ‘come hither’ eye and dance to his tune. It wasn’t hard at all since his free-spirited dancing always makes me smile!

Much success to Dashill and Barry “DJ Sky”Walker of DreamResearchMusic in all their musical endeavors!

Here’s the video. Enjoy!


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