a HAIR affair


To me, people of African descent are the most vibrant, unique and clever people. We can create a million ways to use/make something, and that ‘something’ spawns yet another thing. It’s in our DNA! We’re the greatest inventors, musicians and–in my opinion–hairstylists in the world.

I’ve seen some hairstyles on African-American and African men/women that are noteworthy, and…..umm, well…noteworthy. You know what I’m talking about. If not, go to any Bronner Brothers or Natural Hair show and get a load of some incredibly artistic, annnnnd–shall we say—some noteworthy (have I used that word yet?) hairstyles.

As I always say, ‘what goes around comes around’. So when I stumbled upon these old pictures of African descendants I said, “Wow! We’ve been creating hair masterpieces FOREVER!”

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Whether you think it looks teriffic or horrific, they’re creative and you gotta give an “A” for imagination! I love to look at African hairstyles to get inspiration for unique ways to rock my locs. As a matter of fact, finding these pics inspire me to transform some of my hairstyles into…you guessed it; yet another thing :-).

If you’re in Atlanta April 30th and May 1st, check out the world’s largest natural hair show up close and personally!

Here’s to the end of all ‘hairy’ situations!


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  1. Creative…that we certainly are! The sheer variety of the hair styles we rock is testament of this and being scattered across the oceans could not erase this vestige of ancestral memory!

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