That’s Haute: Kelis


Kelis; musician, Nas‘ ‘baby mama’ and fashionista extraordinaire! Her first name is a blend of her father’s name, Kenneth, and her mother’s name, Eveliss. Her style is a blend that’s hyperactively awesome! I can’t help but wonder what wardrobe stunt she’ll be pulling every time she makes a public appearance.

She stepped onto the music scene with a multi-colored mane screaming, “I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!“, winning the affection of feminists across the globe for her assertiveness and the admiration of the fellas ’cause she’s so darn fly!

Honestly, I like her style but I’m not a fan of every single thing she rocks. However, what attracts me is the fact she doesn’t dress to provoke thought from others and to me, that’s style.

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“The way you dress is sort of like your calling card or your resume’ without speaking”, says Kelis. It reminds me of my definition which is, “…style fills the gap between how you see yourself and how others will see you...”

She isn’t too proud to say when she’s had a few bad looks either. If she can live beyond fashion misses, so can you!

Here’s a lil “public service announcement” from the fly mama herself on what every woman should know about fashion:

” Trends are so dangerous because it’s so general and I think that’s it’s one thing to see something on someone and think, ‘wow that’s really great; I love that’, and it’s another thing to know yourself and know what works for you…for women in particular, it’s about knowing your body and knowing what works well…”

She knows what she’s talking about, having worked in the clothing retail industry, advising and critiquing countless shoppers.

Listen Kelis, whether you wear a mullet with a pink snakeskin bodysuit (smh)or a beaded Native American headdress(ooh la la), I’m ridin’ with ya’til the wheels fall off. It’s YOUR thang…do what you wanna do :-)!

Check how she pulls ALL the wardrobe ‘stops’ out in her visually stunning video, “Acapella”…


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