Earth Day is special, for it’s a day that we acknowledge and honor our Mother Earth. The name EARTHCANDY itself is my ode to our planet since she provides ALL the sweet things in life. I merely transform it into delicious vegan dishes (food), vibrant wardrobe pieces (fashion) and advice on where and how to obtain all FLYNESS 🙂

I feel that we should honor the Earth daily. We can start by:

* keeping streets litter-free,

* decreasing toxic exhaust fumes from cars and factories,

* saving some of our forests which generate healthy breathing air

* reuse, reduce, recycle and

* avoiding pesticides in the growth of our fruits and veggies…a.k.a. ORGANIC GARDENING!

What better way to develop an appreciation for all the wonders that is mother earth than by getting “in touch” with her, literally and figuratively. Gardening is a great way to implement some of the previously mentioned tips, and it’s also a rewarding and common sense activity that has a multitude of benefits.

Honestly, I’ve never really had a green thumb. I once made an attempt at maintianing a garden and I failed. Horribly. Funny because one of my fave books, “Country Ways and Wisdom“, features a collection of seemingly lost ‘words of wisdom’ that are saturated with a centuries-old understanding of the patterns of weather, seasonal changes and the behavior of plants and animals around us. It also speaks of plants that work well together when planted side-by-side and plants that repel certain insects. Unfortunately, there isn’t a place in the book that instructs verbatim on how to plant a garden. So, with much studying and reconfiguring of my garden blueprint, I’ve totally mapped out my dream organic garden!

*scratching my head* I’m gonna do it right this time. Now if only I had a plot of land…hmm….

It’s gonna take quite a bit of time for me to claim myself as master gardener, so until then take a look at a few organic garden blogs that will help “sprout” some gardening ideas!

A Way To Garden  – Gorgeous photos paired with good garden knowledge

Cold Climate Gardening – A great resource for people who live in cold zones
Garden Fresh Living – A fun look at how gardening becomes more than just an action, but a lifestyle…
Life on the Balcony – gardening without a yard
Seasonal Wisdom – A unique look at combining the wisdom of seasonal eating and gardening
Don’t forget to share your tomato, squash and bell pepper harvest with me; I’ll even create a recipe in your honor :-)!

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