“a love BAZAAR” 2.0


You recall my fabulous enterprise BAZAAR NOIR, right? (If not, get to reading and come back here when you’re done) :-).

Since 2009, BAZAAR NOIR, ATL’s premiere in-home marketplace, has brought you some of Atlanta’s best creators of one-of-a kind jewelry, eclectic fashions, organic hair/body care and eye-capturing photography to vegan cuisine, home decor must-haves and global teas.

Well, my business partner Nyemay Aya and I recently kicked it up a notch. Upgraded. Diversified. Got “grown”.

BAZAAR NOIR is pleased to present…..(((drumroll)))))…..

“THE INDIE SERIES”; a series of expos that bring together exhibitors to showcase and sell their original, handmade products. Each Installment of The INDIE SERIES will focus on specific products/services geared towards an audience that understands, appreciates and patronizes independent artistry.

Our very first installment was Natural Skin and Hair care, featuring the organic chemists of Atlanta whose products are made with essential oils and healing herbs. Their creations give your body aromapathic healings that are gracious gifts from Mother Earth. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I strongly encourage my readers to use Natural Skin & Hair Care products on daily basis to pamper and primp ourselves as we prepare for daily adventures of the world :-)!

here are a few pics from the last $ucce$$ful event:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next exciting installment is the FASHION DESIGNERS SHOWCASE!!!
Fashion Designers Showcase is designed to expose the rising fashion industry at its finest. Its goal is to be a platform that allows rising designers to introduce their collections to the world. BAZAAR NOIR’s Indie Series will be the one-stop shop for buyers and style-conscious fashion fans alike to discover the next fashion breakthrough.

Catch the “Bazaar Noir Fashion Show” featuring select collections and get a feel for how the clothes ‘walk’.

Be the first to experience (and support) up and coming stylish and exclusive designs at BN’s Indie Series: Fashion Designers Showcase! Meet the artists for collections such as Bella Duafe, Onion, Venus Phli, and Harriet’s Alter Ego while your children have loads of fun in the children’s corner with Mama Mariposa! This should all go down while enjoying your delicious vegan delights by  EARTHCANDY GOURMET VEGAN CUISINE . And while you’re at it, quench your thirst with infused water by the alchemists of  ZEN ZULU TEA CEREMONY…

We’ll also have the BAZAAR NOIR MARKETPLACE  that you all know and love, and a special Vision Board Workshop lead by author and educator Jaha Asante.

Talk about a WHOLESOME experience for all ages! The best part is the entry fee is only $5…WOW!

Bazaar Noir represents “TRUE ORIGINALITY”!
Experience THE INDIE SERIES Saturday, April 23rd at:


(2001 MLK, Jr. Drive Suite 530 ATL 30310)

from 12-6pm.


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    • Hello Traci!
      It will begin at 12noon and will be new sessions every 2 hours. It’s only $5 for a vision board session and the poster board, scissors, cut-outs and glue with be provided. Feel free to bring your own cut-outs if you have any 🙂

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