Onion Booty


There was a time where I dreamed of owning beautiful flowy dresses with organic and colorful marbled/tie-dyed designs. I even learned how to dye/marble fabric just so I could partially feel as though I was on the way to manifesting my visions, but alas, I could never find anyone to tailor the dresses I imagined out of my dyed fabrics.

Whitney Mero of ONION

Fast forward a few years later, my friend YahZarah and I were in a fabric store where she ran into her friend Whitney Mero, who happened to be perusing the multiple aisles searching for goodies. They spoke with each other, YahZarah introduced us and we parted ways. As we walked away, YahZarah told me that Whitney was a fashion designer and that I would enjoy her clothing line called ONION. (s/n* when you see her gorgeous body, you’ll immediately understand why she named it as such).

Her motto is “making grown men cry…”. SHOW YA RIGHT!

Well lo and behold, when I saw her creations I felt as if my wardrobe prayers were answered!

Whenever I want to look like a goddess in a blink of an eye, I put on an ONION dress by Whitney Mero. They come with straps, strapless, halter, one-shoulder, backless, solid, striped, marbled, and made from anything such as cotton jersey knits to raw silk.  I own numerous pieces. In numerous colors. In numerous styles. Does that mean I need to join Onion Anonymous?

Check me out:

And, might I add, these gorgeous and sexy creations fall in ALL the right places on my body! Mmph! My Onion dresses make me feel comfortable and go great with my Khepra Obis as well ;). I can’t tell you the number of times I get stopped in the street with people asking details on how to own an Onion delight!

They’re über versatile too. I can wear my dresses anywhere, from the latest evening gala with fierce heels and stunning jewels (’cause I know I’m going to look amazing!) to a produce market with a shawl and flip-flops (hmmm…is my dress the reason why fellas ‘holla’ at me? Nevermind the fact that they do so with ALL the women in the fruits/veggies section) 🙂

Whitney and I soon became friends, spending quality time watching video award shows, critiquing all who come across the TV screen, as only two fashionistas can do! Her sense of humor is quite entertaining as well. That and the fact that she has an affinity for… *wait for it*… sandwiches. Hmmm…

She has since relocated to NYC, but tours nationally with her Onion Trunk Show. I attend ALL of her ATL shows; with the quickness.

*studio audience in unison* Howwwww quick were youuuuuu? (ha!)

For example, say her trunk show is on a Saturday from 12p to 5p. I’d call her that Friday evening with a ‘first dibbs’ attempt, and if that doesn’t work, I’d camp out at her front door early Saturday morning. She usually feels sorry for me and let’s me in 🙂

*sigh* Who am I kidding? Somebody please call OA :-/

Ms. Mero had a trunk show in Atlanta this past weekend, so I stopped by. Not only to shop, but also to talk about her beloved ONION (*ahem* the clothes, not HER onion!) and her perspective on what it is that makes us women love her so…

EARTHCANDY: Define fashion…

ONION: By definition, fashion is the manner in which you do something. So however you dress, do it well and try not to look insane. Being well-appointed can enhance your standard of living however looking crazy can get you locked up or, worse, ignored. I love looking good, I love the attention that’s awarded but it is not the most important thing.

EC: How would you define your city’s fashion? (ATL & NYC)

O: I would not attempt to define the fashion of Atlanta or, especially, New York. The selection is too vast and the people too varied. I don’t think I would enjoy living in a city where the way people dressed could be verbalized in a few words strung into sentences. This idea is way too boring and limited.

EC: When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?

O: I don’t think I ever realized I wanted to be a designer. I started making clothes for myself when I was a child because my figure was very unusual. I eventually started making them for other people and then I did it to support myself through college and then I did it while living in China and then, 20 years later, I realized that I’ve never had a real job so I guess I am a designer.

EC: What was the first article of clothing you ever made?

O: I can’t remember what I did yesterday or the first article of clothing I ever made was.

EC: What are some of your accomplishments as a designer?

O: Making women look fantastic is my greatest accomplishment. Having others offer to buy my dress right off of someone makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside parts. Also to have been able to consistently do this my entire adult life is my second greatest.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

EC: Who are some of YOUR fave designers?

O: Right now, Haider Ackermann can do no wrong for me . I also love Oleg Cassini, Complex Geometries, The Row and Lanvin are all winning. They are all so different from what I do. They fascinate me.

EC:  What do you DISLIKE about designing clothes?
O: I dislike shopping and collecting. I have a stores’ worth of fabric, findings, trims, accessories, buttons, zippers, threads, dyes….

EC:  What are your favorite fabrics to work with and why?

O: I love cotton and silk jerseys. I love the way they mold to the body and the way they move when you walk and, most of all,
I love the way it makes everything feel like pajamas.

EC: How would you define the style of your clothing line?

O: I let the clothes speak for themselves. They are way more articulate.

EC: Tell your funniest/scariest/most bizzare/most touching story from your design career…

O: Everyday is a beautifully bizarre and touching story. I am grateful for every moment.

I’m sure she is grateful for every moment, ’cause she’s makes money in her sleep with an online etsy shop! Besides, with a sureshot design that fits all body types, she even makes grown women cry…tears of joy!

‘Like’ her FB page and for all inquiries: ovonion@gmail.com

Hey Whit, until I can recreate this with all the women who have an Onion piece in their life, this one’s for you 🙂  TWERK!


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