veggie tales on the road


Are you a vegan/vegetarian that feels confined to your city, maybe even feel chained to your kitchen for food survival because you’re not sure what to eat outside of your familiar surroundings?

Heaven forbid you are going on a road trip…with MEAT EATERS!  Now, I’m sure you’ll pre-meditate your snack pack, complete with trail mix, fruit salad and a nice sandwich, but that’s sure to be gone in a flash and you’ll be sitting in the back seat…HUNGRY :-/ Whole Foods, unlike Starbucks, will not be sitting on every corner of every street in every city that you travel to. Not to mention you’re traveling with meat eaters who insist on dining at fast food restaurants, totally disregarding your dietary choice.

Sure; you may be outnumbered and may even feel hopeless, but guess what? A lot of fast food restaurant have vegan/vegetarian options!

Yes ladies and gentleman, you CAN scan the ABC’s (umm, that’s Applebee’s, Burger King and Chili’s) of the fast food world’s menu and find something! You have to know how to order, though.

Here’s a handy guide to use when cross-country-ing! Don’t make this a habit though. This is a TOTAL last resort, ya heard me?

Now, hit the road 🙂

click here….click here….click here….click here…. (hee-hee)

The information here is to be used as guidelines only. Menu items can change between franchises. Checking with the individual stores is advised if you are unsure. Please be sure to ask that they hold any unvegan condiments from otherwise vegan items (i.e.some place will add butter to a baked potato without you asking.)


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