on a QUEST…

on a QUEST…

If I ever experienced a day where Murphy’s Law was in effect, it was the day I submitted a video competing to be QuestLove‘s (drummer and original member of The Roots) personal chef for 2011’s Roots Picnic In Philly at the Festival Pier. Even the thought of that day makes my stomach clinch!

It all began on a Tuesday. I received a text from a pal notifying me about the contest and further, that the deadline was that coming Friday at 5pm. I thanked her and immediately began mapping out my approach.

Soon after, I knew exactly what I’d prepare. I just needed a video. However, at the time, I was already involved in another video project that had me tied up for a couple of days. My friend TT Coles agreed to shoot the video, but the only time we would both be able to do it was early Friday morning.

The infamous Friday arrived and before I knew it most of my morning has already disappeared! It was 10am before I was able to get in touch with TT and she informed me she would only be available for another HOUR. I gathered my thoughts, clothes, and script and immediately headed her way!

I arrived at her home and after a few minor adjustments to the kitchen for the perfect shot, some script modifications and brief running of lines, there was only 15 minutes left in my allotted hour. We began taping. I fumbled over and forgot a few words, forcing the need to do a few takes, but it finally came together, with 3 minutes left in the hour!

So, I give the footage to my video editor who assures me it wouldn’t take much time to piece together the 90 second video. At this point it seemed we had plenty of time before the 5pm cut-off. But almost as soon as we began, my editor receives an emergency call requiring a doctor’s visit!

Oh no!

But, with an a hour and a half before submission time, I thought it would be okay. Only…HE DIDN’T REALIZE THE VIDEO WAS DUE THAT AFTERNOON!!!

Now, I’m in panic mode. I help him with his arrangements, while he works on my video. When I later check on the progress, he tells me that he has the wrong clip for the intro of the video!

Ay dios mio!

“No sweat. Just call TT and have her email the correct file over”, he says. I give her a call, only to be told that since I left her place, her internet had been malfunctioning and she had to cancel her service all together!

Now I’m thinking, “So close, but yet soooooo far away” :-(.

At this point I had to pick my children up from school and didn’t forsee a way to collect this footage before 5pm. The editor then calls and says, “Wait…you have your computer with you, right? Just go over there and put her memory card in your laptop and download the footage you need!”


With children in tow, I detour to TT’s home and get not only the correct footage, but ALL of the footage, just in case! LOL!

I email my editor this footage, and realize it wasn’t loading because the file is too big to send from my email! I notify him and he has me send it from his file transfer account.


By this point, I couldn’t personally send the video off, so I asked my editor to send it for me.

A few minutes later, I call to check on the status. He tells me that the video is ‘rendering’ (whatever that means; I’m sure you video heads do) and that he’ll email it immediately.

But, it’s 4:58pm!

Now it’s a race against time. I’m wiping my eyebrow as I handle my other errands, and finally arrive at my editor’s house. It was beyond 5pm, but luckily, the final video was sent off on time! HOORAY!

I look at the final video, approve it (like I knew I would) and carried on with the rest of my evening with renewed peace of mind.

So, without further adieu, here goes nothing :-/. Wish me luck!


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  1. that was awesome jamila! thank you for sharing your process and i appreciated reading all the real hangups that happened during the day. vibrant, clear, beautiful, healthy…the video made me hungry, lol. blessings and cheers!

  2. Loved it! Wish you the best. I heart ?uestlove and the Roots. Regardless, of the outcome this is a great career move. Keep us posted.

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