vegan junk food?


I know many veganites in the world are diligent in maintaining a “pure” vegan diet. However, I know a few who struggle with their personal kryptonite;  junk food! But did you know a few favorite indulgences happen to be vegan?

For example, did you know that Pepperidge Farm Turnovers, Oreos and Cracker Jacks are all vegan? Candies like Starburst, Sour Patch Kids, Pixie Stix and Skittles (they recently removed the gelatin) are vegan also. They may not be “healthy foods,” but they are great for the taste buds! So you can keep some of your vices! HOORAY! Just remember, one cannot live on Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup alone :-).

Putting ‘vegan’ and ‘junk food’ in the same sentence is a bit hard to imagine. Oxymoronic, even. Honestly, I wasn’t gonna advocate this type of ‘technicality” in vegan eating, but hey, I’m no vegan nazi! Just because you’re vegan doesnt mean you can’t be a fatty. (*Homer Simpson moment* mmmmmmmmmmm….faaaattttttteeeeeennnnnnnniiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggg….)

DISCLAIMER: though they are cruelty-free, these treats have NO mercy on your waistline.

With that being said, check out the list of treats and satisfy your sweet tooth!

Some might argue about trace ingredients, but this is as vegan as “normal” junk foods get. Sure, many “purists” wouldn’t fathom consuming these items. But…..(there’s always a BIG BUT somewhere, huh) people such as my Dad, who think vegan food is wheatgrass, granola and tofu, look at this list and it makes them think of veganism in a whole new light. Besides, a list like this helps people who are transitioning to vegetarian or vegan eating habits.

P.S.- Parents of vegan children, hide this list from your kids unless you wanna be argued into oblivion as to why these foods should be well-stocked in the panrty 🙂


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