do it UP!


To some, hair buns signify either: a busy woman who has no time to wash her hair,

or a simple hair-solution for a special occasion like a wedding, prom, etc…

Au contraire, SAYS-A-ME!!!

To me, seeing a woman wearing a hair bun translates as, “Look at me. I don’t hide behind my hair. I AM BEAUTIFUL.”

Side buns, bouffants, slicked back buns; you name it. The hair trend is timeless and EVERYWHERE, literally.

A traditional stylistic look for Japanese women, many still sport the style today (men too…).

THAI married women use a donut-shaped apparatus to wrap their own hair around and make a big poofy bun…

and holy men in INDIA keep it towards the sky…

You can achieve this hairstyle with all different hair textures…

…and add flair by adorning your hair with chopsticks, flowers and feathers

Take some time experimenting with your hair, ’cause being “bunned” up can be fun! Here are some helpful tutorials (take your pick) to get you started on some BUNTASTIC looks! Happy Bunnings!!!


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  1. The ‘bun’ in all its splendid manifestations has been a favourite hairstyle of mine since childhood. I used to look forward to special occasions because only then did my mummy permit me to wear this style 🙂 As an adult, its easy glamour still appeals to me.

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