Pssst…are you a carnivore but want new ideas to add to your meals? How about a seasoned vegetarian interested in expanding your knowledge of nutritious foods? HAVE NO FEAR! THE VEGETARIAN FOOD FAIR IS HERE!

The Black Vegetarian Society of Georgia presents the Vegetarian Food Fair in Atlanta, GA. For the past few years this event (a.k.a the “Meat Out”)  gives the public the opportunity to enjoy a diverse cross-section of vegan cuisine and lifestyle, including products and ideas from a host of exhibitors and experts, all in the name of healthy living.

At this wholistic health expo, are authors of books on health and nutrition, the well-being of animals, the environment, as well as various cookbooks. Also featured are live musical performances aaaaaaaaand…….*drumroll* a special presentation by the author of “The Remedy” SUPANOVA SLOM! I’ll make sure someone notifies me when he gets on stage, since I’ll most likely be hanging out in the vegan food court getting my ‘grub’ on! 🙂

I look forward to this event every year. I reserve plenty o’ room in my belly for all the delicious offerings featured and a few extra dollars to buy a cute outfit or shop for hair/body products in the Food Fair’s marketplace.

I recently discovered that this fair is not the only one of its kind.

Traci Thomas, BVSGA’s organizer of the food fair, says “Meat Out” celebrations are held in all fifty states in addition to Africa, and the Caribbean  usually on the first day of spring! How ‘green’ it is 😉

So once again, whether you are a longtime vegetarian or vegan, or someone simply wanting to add more healthy and delicious options to your diet, or if you are just curious as to what it’s all about, then……

*in my Price is Right voice* COME ON DOWN! You are welcome here!


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