Around The World (in one ear)


This morning I got a call from my dear girlfriend who is in ATL for a few weeks. She called wanting to know if I would prepare some raw/live meals for her, since she’s striving to incorporate more of it into her eating regimen. As we planned menus, she segues into the raw and vegan foods she’s experienced around the globe.

Now when I tell you this woman is a globetrotter, she is a GLOBE-TROTTER! I affectionately call her “Carmen Sandiego” (hee-hee).

I revealed my own upcoming travel plans with her, and it was as if I opened up a Pandora’s Box filled with travel information. Nevermind the Travel Channel or Happy Cow Vegetarian Guide of the World, she is my personal resource. I swear, she should publish a book or organize a lecture tour to share her amazing stories.

Jewels of advice were given to me about how to maximize travel plans, what to do in certain countries, how to take the road less travelled, different therapeutic sanctuaries, where to eat, and most importantly, where to SLEEP! Her motto is, “Don’t book; just look.” Meaning, don’t settle for just any restaurant or hotel/bungalow that you’re not comfortable with just because you’re a foreigner and not certain of other options.

Easier said than done, eh?

For instance, she tells a story of being in southern Thailand and looking for room and board on the beach. She goes into one hostel which was less than desirable for anybody’s standards. So she declines, leaves, walks DIRECTLY next door only to discover heaven-on-earth. This second location featured beautiful bungalows with windows for walls over looking the Gulf of Siam, plush white linens for the bed, draped with mosquito netting, as well as necessities: insect repellent, a flashlight, etc. Lovely!

Here’s a pocket-size guide of resources, for the less ‘intuitive’ travelers:

Happy Cow– an amazing resource for globetrotting vegetarians/vegans. (I was kidding earlier in my post).

Matador Travel– worldwide community of passionate travelers

Travel Blogs– stories, advice and the internet’s BEST travel blogs (sadly, my girlfriend’s hasn’t come to fruition…yet).

Couch Surfing– an official guide to staying with a ‘local’ as a guest in their home, sharing hospitality and cultural understanding

As she continued with her amazing travel stories- including one about walking into (literally) being on “India’s Top Chef” in Udaipur, Rajasthan-I began daydreaming about the places I too will visit…

*cue dream sequence*

(just insert my face in place of Janet’s) 🙂


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  1. Haha I used to play that game (Carmen Sandiego) all the time… Amazing picture of the passport stamps. That’s a ton of traveling!
    I still get mildly irritated when crossing borders on the Eurrail they ignore the tradition of stamping my passport…

  2. This post was extremely helpful. I grew up traveling and I always dig meeting fellow roamers 🙂 I’m prepping for a personal European culinary tour in the fall that will end in Italy and the resources you posted are super helpful. Thanks again!

  3. thank u for the lovvve…i am inspired by all around living and moving thru the spirit..i just hope everyone can live the life they wish…i always support u, love u and appreciate OUR FRIENDSHIP..THANK U FOR BEING IN MY WORLD BEAUTIFUL SISTER!!!!

  4. I love the passport stamps too wanted to use it in my home decor. I am doing a around the world/travel theme in the living room.

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