That’s Haute: Tracee Ellis Ross


Tracee Ellis Ross‘ style is the ‘bomb‘. There were times when I’d look forward to watching “Girlfriends” just to see what she’d be wearing. Yep, it’s like that. She definitely turns heads when it comes to fashion. I love her classic, yet eclectic sense of style. She makes it look so effortless! (Hmm…I’ll attribute it to her being a fellow Scorpio hee-hee)

What I dig most is that her style on television mirrors her style in real life – sans stylist. Now that…is…STYLE. Before becoming a Hollywood actress, Ross was a fashion editor for both New York Magazine and Mirabella. Shoot, I’d take her advice on attire for any occasion! 🙂

Her a-line skirts and wrap dresses (a personal obsession) fall at the knee (give or take) and fit her silhouette beautifully. She has some trademark characteristics to her style that reflects her keen sensibility and awareness of what works and what doesn’t. For her frame, she generally wears:

*well-cut suits

*high-waisted pants with wide hems (like olive cargo pants or black trousers)

*draped leather jackets OR a cropped fitted tuxedo jacket

*towering heels, and (of course)…

*her signature pencil skirts that fit her like a glove.

Fellas, she’s got a DONK and she ain’t afraid to highlight it 🙂

She gets it from her mama, world renowned “diva-for-all-times” Mizzzz DIANA ROSS!

Her beautiful body AND her passion for fashion.

Tracee often talks about playing in her mom’s closet as a young girl growing up (talk about playing DRESS-UP!!). So naturally, the fashion bug bit her early. Wearing her mom’s clothes did not stop at childhood however, she has admitted to even wearing some of her famous mother’s clothing out on the red carpet!

Though she grew up with money at her disposal, she doesn’t flaunt it in her casual wear. As a matter of fact, she WILL will rock some “round-da-way girl” bamboo hoops WITH her name inside of ’em…gotta LOVE it! Still, don’t get it twisted;  she sure will pull out all the stops when it comes to the RED CARPET!!! (*s/n how many degrees of separation is she from me?  ‘Cause I need her to rock my EARTHCANDY WEARS…asap!)

Peep the steez…doesn’t she look more and more like her mama as she ages gracefully?

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  1. Just admire her beauty and work on the stage and on girlfriend she is truly one of the most beautiful woman in the world.

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