Sneak Peek…


Sneakers a.k.a kicks, a.k.a tennis shoes… however you call ’em, they can sport up an outfit! They are quickly becoming a big fashion statement. I like checking fellas’ footwork out on the social scene. I can appreciate a man in some fresh sneakers, wearing a fly blazer and crisp dark wash jeans. My partner owns so many styles of CREATIVE RECREATION footwear that you’d swear he owns stock in the company! (*ahem* sponsorship, please)

Though I may enjoy a slick pair of heels as much as the next fashionista, I think it’s sooooo FLY to see a woman in a fresh pair as well! Especially if she exudes feminity while donning a pair of men’s sneaks. Funny, everytime I hear rapper Drake start his verse with, “Five and a 1/2 in boys…” in his latest single, “Fancy“, I grin ’cause I think of myself setting it off  in some men’s sneakers and making them SEXY! Admittedly, my sneaker collection isn’t that extensive, but the ones I do have are on point. From my all-time fave Converse All-Stars (who doesn’t own a pair?) to my exclusive batik kicks, I can be comfortable and stylish all at once!

The best thing about sneakers is that anyone, young or old, can enjoy a great pair!

Check out some of the sneakers I think are dope-a-licious…

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