The fashion component of my EARTHCANDY enterprise came to be in a “necessity-is-the-mother-of-invention” kind of way. But instead of necessity, let’s call it “wishful thinking”, shall we?

I’ve always enjoyed creating unique, one-of-a-kind fashions. There are times when I will look at a clothing/accessory item and immediately begin to think of ways to enhance or reconstruct it. Most times it inspires a whole new idea altogether! I guess that’s part of my style creativity and individuality :-).

For instance, with my Khepra Obi, the creation came about with owning a wrap belt that I wished I could have in all different colors and patterns. “Why not make it myself?”, I thought! Well, after loads of compliments everytime I’d wear one, I decided to share my design and I’m proud to say that MANY customers enjoy my obis just as much as I do!

Of course, a creative mind never slows down and I knew that I would expand my line to places yet unknown. Well, lo and behold, soon came another!

This time, I was looking for something to wear to Saul Williams‘ ATL show that I was catering (I’ll blog about that later). I spotted a basic vintage blazer in my closet that somewhat piqued my interest, but suddenly inspiration struck me. As I squinted and eyed my blazer from multiple angles, I thought, “Hmm, I don’t wanna wear this color. I’m gonna dye and marble this blazer. Oooh, and it would be fresh if I gave the collar a ‘lil livening up!” After dyeing, sewing and reconstructing the blazer, I emerged with a pretty cool wear, if I do say so myself :-).

Ladies and gentlemen, meet ADN Blazer by EARTHCANDY…

The ADN Blazer is a fun and stylish appropriation of a timeless piece; the blazer.

These pieces are constructed of natural fabrics so the dyes can adhere and retain its vibrancy.

Some ADN (pronounced ED-in) blazers feature either the ‘Jackson Pollock‘-esque abstract (I learned of him recently), marbled or tie-dyed effect, while ALL don the signature piece de resistance:


You’ll definitely stand out, as NO TWO PIECES ARE ALIKE

It provides a cool, chic look that gives a basic ensemble a burst of flavor.

This blazer lends versatility to complement outfits of all kinds, whether you’re in jeans or trousers, and (ladies) skirts and dresses. Try pushing up the sleeves up to give it a more youthful look too!

Being a mama, I know how it is to keep the babies stylishly clad as well…

Hey, I don’t make the blazer; I make it BETTER!

Since its sell-out run in ATL’s Bombay Gal Boutique (thank you beloved customers), I now have them available directly through me. Email me at to begin creating your custom orders.

Stay tuned, for I have more creations up my ADN sleeves! (photo credit: TT COLES)


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  1. you are amazing Ms. Jamila “EarthCandy” Crawford!…and so are your creations. An eclectic cool beverage for a fashion thirsty crowd…can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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