NYC week/Day 3: ‘Supa’ Dupa Star…


***EARTHCANDY is in New York City this week and spotlighting some of the FOOD, FASHION & FLYNESS that the Big Apple has to offer.***

I alternate my blog features among the different aspects of my EARTHCANDY brand, which are food, fashion and flyness. Up next is the FOOD component, however, blogging about the where-to’s of NYC vegan and vegan-friendly dining seemed too obvious. Being here always makes me feel at ease when it comes to restaurant options. From dining at  Manhatan’s GOBO, RED BAMBOO and QUINTESSENCE, Chinatown’s VEGETARIAN DIM SUM HOUSE, to Brooklyn’s BORN THAI, RAWSTAR and  MANGO restaurants, I know I’ll be eating good!

SupaNova Slom

As I was pondering these thoughts, and simultaneously checking my emails I came across a message from my long-time pal SupaNova Slom reaching out to me knowing I was visiting Brooklyn, his neck of the woods. My train-of-thought said, “hmm… blog——>what do I write about—–>oh look, it’s SupaNova, my fellow ‘chlorophyllian’—–>sweet, we have the same doctrine on health, food and…—–> food?—–>FOOD! I’m gonna blog about my homie!

Don’t you love how the mind works? 🙂

I remember how we met, seems like it was yesterday: A few years back, I was invited to share my cuisine at Queen Afua‘s (a “Goddess-on-Earth” who happens to be SupaNova Slom’s mother) Winter Festival held at her Wellness Institute in Brooklyn, NY. While there, I was engulfed with an eye-full of enlightening books, scupltured art, body products (internal and external) and the beautiful people in attendance, SupaNova and his cousin Entrified were two of the many faces there. It was truly an honor.

Since then, everytime SupaNova and I see each other, to my amusement he ALWAYS asks, “Hey sis, where’s that food?!?”

As I gathered my questions for SupaNova for my blog, I think,  “Wait a minute; SupaNova is someone I’d much rather listen to based on the passion he exudes and the wisdom he shares. I decided to bum-rush him and record our talk. Besides, he claims to be ‘Fred Flintstone’ when it comes to typing!

Here’s what we got…

To learn more about SupaNova Slom, here are links to his:

website, Facebook, Twitter, his book The Remedy , and his YouTube Channel (to see the videos he spoke about).

Also, if you’re in ATL Sunday March 20th,

come see SupaNova Slom’s presentation at the Meat Out Vegetarian Food Fair,

sponsored by the Black Vegetarian Society of Georgia. It’ll change your

perspective on food, not to mention LIFE, for sure!


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