Debbie Does Salad


Thank goodness for those who take pictures of food. Especially vegan food. “That’s vegan?” I’ve been asked while selecting pictures of dishes from my upcoming cookbook, “CULTURE CLASH: globally-inspired recipes by EARTHCANDY GOURMET VEGAN CUISINE”©. “Yes, silly! What else would it be?” is my reply.

I get it though; the vibrant colors, the appetizing presentation, the savory, sweet, spicy, and deliciousness of the dishes seem to transmit through the photographs.  A good food picture makes any  dish seem ‘too good to be veganly true’.

I, personally, am not necessarily a die-hard food voyeur, but I do enjoy pictures and pictures-and pictures- of some good-looking food. There’s a fine science to capturing every gooey drizzle of chocolate, juicy-laden burgers, and gobs of melted, oozing cheese, and….aND…AND….whoops! Wooh, I was getting a little excited there! *sigh*I digress 🙂

Alas, gone are the days where I would spend 8 hours of my day staring at Food Network, mentally ‘veganizing’ the dishes that weren’t (hey; SUE ME!). I realized I had a problem and I worked on it. Now I only do it for 7 hours! Ha!

Let these photos get your (salivary gland) juices flowing…

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