fashion faux pas…


You know the saying, ‘to each his own’? It’s a liberating statement, and sure, it can be applied to fashion. However….I’ve done enough wardrobe styling for video and photo shoots to know that there are some things that are wrong NO MATTER WHAT! Now, I’m not claiming to be the fashion “gospel”, but hey, it is MY blog, so I can be if I want to! 😛

However, in an effort to maintain balance, for every faux pas I scoff at, I will lend a remedy for it, okay? 🙂

1. "too-tiny" bra


***If your “DD” cup runneth over, you should be running to your nearest lingerie store to get measured CORRECTLY (since some womens’ brains tend to calculate two sizes too small*smh*) and buy the destined bra for you. It doesn’t look good to see the “girls” choking, and besides, it’s uncomfortable! Don’t do it in the name of vanity, STOP IT for the love of vanity…and sanity!

2. V.P.L.-Visible Panty Line:

… this includes thongs that stick up above the pants waist. Tacky, tacky, tacky. Period.

3. The "CAMEL TOE"

By all means, avoid the dreaded camel toe. The pants that are responsible for this hideous look are affectionately called “yeast jeans”. Look….your pants are simply too tight. Wear your appropriate size and you won’t have to make such an investment in Monistat 7 in the future.

4. muffin top syndrome

Muffin-top is a slang term used for a person, usually female, whose flabby midsection spills over the waistline of her pants in a manner that resembles the top of a muffin spilling over its paper casing. Here we go again with inappropriate fitting pants! Stop looking at the slimmer-than-you woman thinking that you can wear a) hip-hugger pants, b) midriff-baring tops or c) too-small/low-rider jeans! Now if you wanna wear these items, I suggest relentless dedication to abdominal exercise for 3 months straight. For real.

5. cracked and/or calloused soles

Backless shoes are meant to exhibit smooth, healthy, soft-to-the-touch soles and warm weather inspires many of us to wear them. It’s all dandy, except for people who have drycracked soles. When your feet are exposed to air, it can cause the skin on your feet to dry out. This in turn, leads to those unsightly calluses. The pressure of pounding your feet on the ground when you run can also lead to cracks in the skin.  Here are a few tips on how to cure those poor ‘soles’:

  • Before you go to bed, soak your feet in water or take a bath or shower. Then lather your feet up with intense moisturizing salve, or body butter, and wear socks over them while you sleep.
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and help moisturize your body from the inside out.
  • To get rid of dry skin on your heels, try using a pumice stone the shower. It gently sloughs off dead skin cells, eventually revealing softer, smoother skin. Just be careful not to irritate those cracked areas.

6. suicidal toes (toes hanging over the front of open sandals)

Finally, podiatric overhangs are NOT cute. No one enjoys dragging their knucles across the ground (thinking about it makes me cringe), so why would you drag your toes as such? So what if that was the last size and you’re dying to have those shoes: comfort FIRST. In order to avoid this from happening to you, make sure you only buy shoes that fit properly. Knowing your foot type helps a lot. If you know you have narrow feet, don’t try to wear wide, open-front shoes.

Don’t think that these things go unnoticed; ACT NOW!


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  1. I was at Chuck E. Cheese this past weekend and saw women 1/2 my age (I am 40) with muffin tops! Makes no sense I am in fitter than they are!

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