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A farmer’s market consists of local vendors, mostly farmers, who setup outdoors or indoors to sell their locally grown, fresh produce, fruits and sometimes prepared foods. Personally, it’s my ideal way of shopping. It feels like an adventure whenever I shop at a market, as opposed to simply a checking off a list in a standard supermarket…*yawn*. You get a sense that the farmers who grow it, do it with love.

Food marketplaces in various parts of the world tend to reflect the indigenous culture. A good way for a traveler to learn about local foods and culture is to go to the town’s marketplace.

In my upcoming travels, I plan on visiting every marketplace possible. I can see it now: me, donning sunglasses and a tunic with flowy linen pants and khussas (yes, I got the ‘fit in mind), woven elephant grass Bolgatanga basket(s) in hand… I arrive at the market at the crack of dawn to claim the  freshest, most beautiful produce before the crowd picks it over (hey; that’s what chefs do :-)).

I’m strolling down aisles, listening to the buzzing sound of people, taking in the different sights and smells, visiting different stalls and discovering treasures down narrow corridors filled with aromatic fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, pastas and grains. Each item is neatly laid out in huge mounds -or in its own little basket-with clearly marked names & prices. I’ll sample the goods and ask the local women to share a (vegetarian) recipe using the staple produce. Then, delights in hand, I head home mentally mapping the day’s menu. Ahh…life’s simple pleasures 😉

Nowadays, you don’t have to travel far and wide to find a market near you. Here’s a detailed list of farmers markets across the USA to check out.

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  1. gorgeous photos had me traveling in my head!! i LOVE international farmer’s markets! locally, there’s a new one opening up in grant park on the 15th of may!

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