Water makes up over approximately 70% of both our Earth and body. Water is the very source of life. The quality of water, both internal and external, is vitally important to all forms of life on earth.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, Japanese author of “Messages from Water”,  has long studied bodies of water and wondered if there were methods of expressing differences in the nature of water.  He knew that water from a natural spring, for example, was better for you than tap water or stagnant water.  He then wondered if he could develop a way to document his theories about the various states of water. This eventually led to his photographing frozen water crystals.

Through his documentation process of  photographing frozen water crystals, Emoto began to examine and research the effects of LANGUAGE upon water. He has proven his theories about how various sounds affect water, through extraordinary photographs of ice crystals after they have been “treated” with certain words and phrases. Language — the spoken word — has a vibration. Written words also have a vibration. If one writes the letters L-O-V-E, these letters put out the vibration of love. Water can be imprinted with these vibrations. Beautiful words have beautiful, clear vibrations. But negative words put out ugly, incoherent vibrations.

Dr. Emoto refers to the crystalline structure of water as “clusters”.  The effects of language and sounds affect the water’s “memory” differently, depending on the original structure of the water itself. Once a certain vibration is introduced to the water, a structure like tap water (for example), will lose its “memory” quickly.

” The smaller the clusters, the longer the water will retain its memory. If there is too much space between the clusters, other information could easily infiltrate this space, making it hard for the clusters to hold the integrity of the information. Other micro-organisms could also enter this space. A tight bonding structure is best for maintaining the integrity of information. Negative phrases and words create large clusters or will not form clusters, and positive, beautiful words and phrases create small, tight clusters.” says Emoto.

I’ve had the honor of seeing Dr. Emoto speak in Atlanta, GA many years ago, and I tell you, his lecture was MESMERIZING! The Q& A afterwards went into overtime 🙂

I now have a greater respect for the power of prayer! Inspired by Emoto’s presentation, I began taping the word LOVE on my supply of bottled water, and I sincerely think it has raised its vibration. Some people have even experimented with bottling tap water and taping words like “love” and “appreciation” on the bottle and using that water to water their plants, or to put cut flowers in. They are finding that their cut flowers are lasting much longer, and that the plants in the garden are much more radiant. AMAZING!

To learn more about this phenomenon, click here. It’ll be sure to change the way you view water.


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