edible gifts…


What kind of gift do you give to someone who already has EVERYTHING in their possesion? Food, of course! It’s a basic necessity, and nothing says ‘i love  you’ like a homemade edible gift. They’re simply the best.

Your kitchen pantry is probably housing a heap of raw materials ready to be transformed into homemade treats. Just add unique accessories and a touch of ingenious packaging – pretty ribbons, unusual bottles, boxes, and bags, and stylish papers and tags – and you are ready for gifting. Here are five of my top suggestions to get you started…

1. Homemade cookies will be appreciated to the last crumb. Giving cookie dough is a thoughtful gift (that you should hand-deliver) in the sense that the giftee can prepare however many cookies they want whenever they want. (Make sure you let them know to freeze the unused portion. It’s good for up to six weeks). Package the cookie dough in either patterned wrapping paper or stationery to add graphic appeal to logs bundled in waxed paper and secured with ribbon. When sending baked cookies (which can be frozen up to four weeks) through the mail, use harder cookies, like gingersnaps, biscotti and shortbreads, which will stay fresh for at least a week and ship well. (s/n: Don’t store soft cookies with hard ones or the crunchy cookies will become soft.)

2. Making infused oil or vinegar is easy and inexpensive. It requires little hands-on preparation time and looks like a sophisticated gift. Supplies include extra virgin olive oil or apple cider vinegar, fresh herbs, spices and empty glass bottles with screw-on lids or corks.

3. You can give a sweet, spicy roasted nut mix that is completely addictive and super easy to make. Since there are so few ingredients required, make sure you get quality items.

4. Making your own granola is not intimidating. In turn, granola requires no additional work on the part of the receiver. Put the final product in glass jar wrapped in a bit of ribbon, and you’ve got a great gift to give.

5. Give a lucky recipient on a culinary tour by giving them an international cooking spice blend. Package it in a tin or glass spice jar to retain optimum potency.

So, as long as there is food in existence (which we know will be), food gifts will be given. It will be sure to leave a lasting impression on the receiver. Heck, it may even inspire them to pay it ‘food’ forward!  🙂


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  1. I love these. I also appreciate the mason jars with that are already filled with the mix and attached directions, so that they can create a culinary experience on their own. Mixes for biscuits, pancakes/waffles, cookies, cakes, etc. work really well.

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