culture+couture= bezemymailan

culture+couture= bezemymailan

What do you get when you combine a French-Vietnamese woman(Mai Lan Chapiron)and a Russian-Togolese woman (Bezem Kassan)  whose fashion ideas and inspiration are drawn chiefly from their individuality and their widely diverse cultural backgrounds?


This Parisian-based afri-chic clothing label features a fusion of ethnic and contemporary design. Their creativity is not bound to a specific nation of origin, bringing together of a number of rich cultural influences all into one – from Africa to the Amazon, and the (native) Americas to Asia.

BezemYMailan’s handmade collection is colorful and the striking designs are manifestations of their dedication to distinguishing oneself from the norm. The visual design patterns hark back to an ancestral era when clothing was an art form, instead of a factory manufactured industry.

What these ladies are doing is absolutely gorgeous. The campaign ads are aesthetically appealing (they even style Les Nubians for their performances), their fashion shows are captivating (they choreograph them), and their clothing line is right up my fashion alley! With so many beautiful styles, it’s hard to decide which dress I want (though my budget says otherwise, as it is a tad expensive…).

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For now, their line can only be physically purchased in London and Paris. *sigh*  So until their clothing line arrives on American soil, you and I can peruse here to place an order 🙂

You did hear me when I said they choreograph their shows as well, right? Check this out:  


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