People throughout the world wear scarves. Whether its on their head, neck or shoulders, they are worn for religious reasons, fashion, or (for women) just as a perfect-way-to-hide-a-bad-hair-day accessory. Wearing a scarf will definitely give you character and personality.

(l) woman in hijab/ (r) Dalai Lama receiving khata

In the Muslim faith, The Quran says that women should wear a head scarf, or hijab, to guard their modesty and keep their beauty hidden to the public.

In the Tibetan tradition, the offering of white silk scarves, called khatas, symbolizes an offering of one’s good intentions during the welcoming of new relationships. It is also offered to the deceased, to spiritual images and statues of Buddha, spiritual teachers, monks, and nuns.

Fashionably speaking, a scarf can be a total stunner and head turner. It’s one of my favorite accessories. Being stylishly clad and wrapped in silks and cottons is a perfect finishing touch to any ensemble. They are versatile and functional. I keep one handy in my bag to wrap myself up and keep comfy for the cold season. In the Spring, I wear a lighter-weight scarf with a simple pair of jeans and a tank. It also doubles as a shawl in those freezing cold air-conditioned buildings during the summer.

Incorporating ethnic-inspired print (and/or fringy) scarves into your collection creates a native, yet modern and chic look at the same time. Oh…did I mention that I looooove a man who can ‘rock’ a scarf well? 🙂

If you want to go a”head” (hee-hee) and wrap your hair with a scarf, here are some helpful tips:

*don’t tie your scarf too tight for it can damage the edges of your hair

*use more than one scarf to create ‘body’

*go for loud colors that complement your skin

*go to an Asian and/or African fabric store and buy your wrap by the yard. It’s cheaper that way, and the fabric choices are endless!


tutorial: scarf halter/ head scarf/ scarf sash
Wanna take your scarf “off your shoulders” altogether? Check out these alternatives:
  • Canopy Cover: drape or weave your scarf over a canopy bed frame
  • Art Piece: try hanging it on the wall as tapestry or framing it as an artistic piece
  • Purse Ornament: Tie a scarf around the handles of your purse, schoolbag, or luggage.
  • Window Cover: Drape over curtain rods/window to add a touch of color
  • Throw: Add color to your living room, and use scarves as throw over your couch or chairs
  • Runner: Use a scarf as a runner across the dining table.
  • Now, isn’t your mind ‘draped’ with ideas/inspiration? GO WILD!!! 🙂
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