21 questions…

21 questions…

Valentine’s Day activities kick off tomorrow- since this year it falls on a Monday- and love is in the air (for those who celebrate). You see it in the greeting card section of the grocery store, the red and pink displays at department stores, and commentary by DJs on the radio. Jewelry and lingerie stores, as well as restaurants (not to mention hotels) are gearing up for a lucrative weekend, all in the name of LOVE.

It got me thinking about relationships and how well one claims to know the other;  in other words, what do you LOVE about them, much less really know about them?

We all realize how important it is to know a person, therefore we engage in various conversations with our person of interest. But are these talks enough to know the person inside out?

If you are wondering how to know a person thoroughly, what better way of acquiring the knowledge you seek than to ask them a few questions? This is the best way to catch up on all the details you would want to know about someone. Now, I’m not saying pull out a clipboard with your checklist directly in their face (save it for the telephone talks :-)) Just ask some over time and see if you ‘vibe’ with the answers. Heck, you two can even make a game night out of it!

Here are some questions to get you started:

* Preferred reading genres…

*What thing makes you most humble?

* What do you do in your free time?

* If you could have an endless supply of any one food, what would you get?

* If you could make a good living doing anything at all, what would that be?

* What super-power would you most like to have, and why?

* Who plays the most influential role in your life?

* What were you like when you were 5/ 12/16 yrs. old?

*Tell me your favorite childhood memory…

* If you could change something about yourself, what would it be & why?

* What do you prefer – spontaneity or stability?

* What single thing would improve the quality of your life?

* If you could change your name, what would it be?

* What is your special talent that no one else in your social group has?

* What is the greatest music ever composed?

* What is the nicest thing a stranger ever did for you?

* Of your five senses, which is your all-time favorite?

* Which is your least favorite season?

* If you were an animal, what would you be?

* Name one of your favorite things about someone in your family…

* Be honest here: What would someone you know, who doesn’t like you, say about you?  Give the relationship of theenemy to you, eg: ex-husband/wife, co-worker,  mad woman in the park…

The list of questions are endless, but you’re sure to be amazed at the answers you’ll get with these! Some may even branch off to other questions you never even thought to ask!


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