happy anni’RAW’sary!

happy anni’RAW’sary!

I am pleased to announce that TODAY is my anni’RAW’sary. What’s that you ask? One year ago today, I began the journey of only eating uncooked or unprocessed foods. That’s right, for one whole year, none of my meals have seen the flash of a pan, the rolling boil of water nor my drinks, the cascading of turbinado sugar crystals. 365 days of pure, unadulterated RAW foods! It feels so AWESOME to say that.

My journey began one evening as I helped a friend set-up for her hubby’s 40th birthday celebration. Around that time, I’d been constantly feeling tired, weighed down and unhappy with my ‘winter body’ which began expanding that previous FALL! I was also just tired of food, period. As I helped to set decorations, I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and and said to myself, ” Oh, uh-uh. I can NOT keep looking like this. I’m gonna quit eating processed foods. Better yet, I’m giving cooked food a break. Starting TOMORROW!” Don’t get me wrong, I was never considered a “hefty” gal, but I knew I could do better and I wanted to feel good about myself.

Being a chef, I relished the challenge of creating ways to keep my need to feed interesting. I did some recipe research and over time learned to  prepare (not cook) my own live cuisine. I don’t always prepare my own meals. Sometimes I treat myself and a friend to Lov’n it Live for their Sageburger with ‘cheese’ and Nacho Salad. My friend took one bite and wondered why he ever ate cooked food to begin with. What started as days turned into weeks, then months, and now ONE YEAR!

Why a raw diet? What are the benefits, you ask?

  • Easy to digest
  • Maximum energy with minimal bodily effort
  • Healing powers that can alleviate many illnesses from low energy, allergies, digestive disorders, weak immune system, high cholesterol, candida, to obesity & weight problems (weight normalization), etc.

I often compare my raw journey experience as “being on a rollercoaster I can’t hop off of”, not in a bad way though. And I’m not claiming; RAW 4 LIFE *insert throwing a silly ‘gang’ hand-sign*. I do sometimes reflect on cooked foods I enjoy, but reflect is all I do because I haven’t yet felt the urge to cheat.

There are so many delicious ways to enjoy food without cooking, processing etc.  One of my favorites is a tropical fruit salad I call “COCO FLO” (an ode to my pal MikeFlo who introduced me to this yumminess):

COCO FLO © (from the forthcoming cookbook CULTURE CLASHglobally-inspired recipes by EARTHCANDY GOURMET VEGAN CUISINE)

1/2 cup each fresh: strawberry slices

mango (peeled and diced)

pineapple chunks

kiwi (peeled and diced)


1 cup coconut milk

agave nectar (to taste)

In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients. Next decide if you’re going to eat it in a coconut (an EARTHCANDY touch)or a bowl. Lastly decide if you’re going to share because it serves 2, but you may find it too good to share.

Some people think I’m  a little crazy for eating raw food (not to mention for how long I have), and some people say they could never do it. But the reality is, its not been that difficult. Plus I’ve lost a lot of weight, have abundant energy and vitality, my bowel movements are on point (yeah I know, but it’s true), my hair, skin and nails are healthy AAAAND I look better than ever….TOOT-TOOT!  🙂 It started out as a test of determination, but now raw food, if not 100% (time will tell) will DEFINITELY be a major part of my diet.

Tonight I’ll be celebrating with a good ‘ol Lov’n It Live meal, splurge on a dessert, and wash it down with a little bubbly……KOMBUCHA that is! Who’s with me? 😉

I encourage you to give it a try too. For my ATL readers, you can attend my girlfriend Femi Boma Ibim’s Raw Revolution Party (open to the public) this Sunday, February 6th and you can also check these recipes out and try some on for size.

Don’t let the pics fool ya. Remember; it’s all the way LIVE…

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  1. jamila..i am so proud, inspired and motivated by your raw experience! you have always been beautiful but your inner glow has turned it up a notch. i love u and salute your discipline. Glad u are doing well! and thats the “raw”bidness
    my longest raw fast was 84 days..and i agree i have never felt better than when i was on it. for me now it’s a challenge because i’m striving to add a bit more weight, not lose any..lol. but i have benn reconsidering whats more important to me..adding mass or feeling super rawed up and vibrant.
    i know..i will find a way to do both! hurry up and drop Culture Clash so i can have some good ammo for the battle!

    love ya my sis


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