dangle your bangle!


Bangles are traditional ornaments worn on the wrist. They have their origins in India, where it is customary for a bride to wear as many colorful glass bangles as possible and it is said the honeymoon will last until the last bangle breaks.  Nowadays, bangles are worn by women around the world. Bangles can go with EVERYTHING, and in the summer when wearing short-sleeves or going sleeveless, they are sure to get plenty of “air-time”.

I adore bangles of all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. They’re a must-have part of any ensemble. I especially love mixing and matching bangles, and I like to wear lots of them at a time. For me to go ‘unbangled’ is almost like being naked.

Here’s a slideshow ode to bangles to inspire you:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So next time you’re at your friendly neighborhood street festival, stop by the bangle booth and think outside the box and “in the loop”.  You can also try your city’s Indian sari center and load up on bangles in all colors of the rainbow for great prices. Other bangles styles from cultures like Zulu and Maasai can be found in African marketplaces. I’ve even found amazing ‘ethnic’ bangles in department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom and even JC Penney! It’s always amazing finding things in unexpected places! One of my favorite boutiques in ATL, Bombay Gal offers a variety of bangles that I enjoy playing in as well 🙂

You know, dream interpreters say that seeing a bangle encircling your arm (a gift from a lover or friend), is assurance of a happy union. Therefore, I say, stack your bangles. Every loop will bring you closer to pure joy! Ha!


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece Jamila. Bangles add a jolt of colour, hipness and decadence to your outfit.I especially like feeling their weight on my arms and hearing the sounds that they make. Wearing them makes me feel so exotic and regal!

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