paper chasin’…


When I was 10 years old,  calligraphy was my hobby. I found the variation of lines, the sophisticated curves and all the subtleties and nuances in the characters to be simply beautiful. Truly an art to behold. Since such fine writing should almost always be complimented by an equally stunning writing surface. I also developed an affinity towards beautiful papers. I adore the feeling and look of parchments, vellums, linen, papyrus and more but truly fell in love when I discovered the varieties of handmade paper. With so many styles, colors, textures- I’m always like a kid in a candy story. Handmade papers are most often too beautiful to write on – its borderline blasphemous! Therefore, I found ways to incorporate it into my surroundings (without inking it).

Here are some beautiful examples for various uses of handmade paper:

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There are many gorgeous, practical and easy ways to use handmade papers. Use it to adorn your home, office, meditation space or wherever you need a little dose of color and texture. Feeling inspired? Go buy some handmade paper and try new things or if you’re feeling extra-specially creative you can even make your  own. Go for it, but whatever you do, be FLY ;-)!


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  1. I too love calligraphy and paper. I am often called a paper magnet because I collect beautiful images and lots and lots of paper. These images were exquisite…

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