“a love BAZAAR”

Let me tell you about my talk-of-the-town event that comes around every two months called BAZAAR NOIR.
It’s like your favorite summertime festival that was started in the cold of winter (December 2009), reason being that I was uninspired and longing for the warmth of the sun and counting down to “festival time” in ATLANTA. Oh, how I love roaming carelessly through the streets full of vendors, finding one-of-a-kind items, gulping fruity smoothies, and seeing the “beautiful people” around me doing the same!
With that being said, I decided, along with Nyemay Aya (my “bully” biz manager…kinda-see above), to produce our own in-home festival. That way, we’ll have a reason to gather with our favorite people, meet new ones, and make $$$! Also, we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful “sanctuary” to host our lovely event.
Here are the flyers from the first two events…
and some scenes from the past Bazaar Noirs:
a patron scoping out KhepraObi by earthcandy and Harriet’s Alter Ego…
jewels by Luxor Couture,
body delectables by Honeysuckle Moon, and our favorite;
out-of-control shoppers!

Join us for Bazaar Noir: SolarReturn December 11 2010 from 12-6pm,


we’re celebrating our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! I’m talking LOTS of dope vendors, delicious

grub, and lively sounds to keep the pulse throughout the day.


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