Since starting this blog, I haven’t PROPERLY introduced the “food” component of  EARTHCANDY’S “FOOD/FASHION/FLYNESS” moniker.  EARTHCANDY features gourmet vegan cuisine that’ll blow your mind. Yes. I am a (self-proclaimed) chef; a “tastemaker”, if you will.

It all came together in 2004 in Brooklyn, NY. I began contributing dishes to small social gatherings and pot-lucks. Mouths, made happy by my gourmet prowess, began spreading the word about my “skills”. Soon after I was invited to cater for different events, gatherings and private clients. So here I am today with a variety of catering experiences under my kitchen “tool belt” 🙂

As a “foodie” myself, I specialize in culinary delights from around the globe…Here are a few sample menus that showcase some of my tasty destinations:

Earthcandy Gourmet Vegan Cuisine can accommodate any catering need; be it a large social gathering, an intimate dinner for two, or private meal preparation for the busy executive. I also provide long and short term meal-planning packages to give you a healthy alternative to picking up drive-thru food on the way home. Perfect for families or bachelor/bachelorettes, the busy, the health-conscious, and even the adventurous!

Feel good knowing that you are nourishing your body, soul (and wallet) with EARTHCANDY GOURMET VEGAN CUISINE

For all inquiries (in the metro ATL area), please send to : eatearthcandy@gmail.com


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