Soul II Soul Food


One night many years ago, when my daughter was a baby, she and I were driving home and she was very unhappy. She kicked, screamed, and cried. I tried everything to calm her down; gave her a toy, her sippy cup, even played with her little feet, all to no avail. Meanwhile, Caron Wheeler’s “Beach Of The War Goddess” CD was playing. Her song “Light As A Feather” began to play, and wouldn’t you know it – my daughter stopped crying. IMMEDIATELY. Her eyes were wide open and full of intensity as she listened to the melody and lyrics. I could not believe it! But then again, I can. Ms. Wheeler has such a comforting voice and wonderful storytelling qualities to her songs.

So imagine how honored I was when I had the privilege of catering for her!!!! YES! During her recent 3-day stay in Atlanta for a recording session, I prepared delectable meals for her. One dish was jerk tofu, coconut rice and peas, mini empanadas, and plantains, reminiscent of her Jamaican roots. She enjoyed every morsel of it too 🙂 Another was a breakfast which consisted of tofu scrambler, veggie sausage patties, pecan French toast w-maple syrup, yellow grits, and a parfait of layered strawberry yogurt, granola, and fresh blueberries. And I can’t forget to mention the freshly squeezed OJ.

Listening to her express how much she loved my cooking and how healthy she felt eating it made me feel “warm and fuzzy” inside. It was a pleasure chatting with her while prepping. We have a lot in common, so we talked hair, daughters, and being foodies at heart!

I heart you, Caron Wheeler 🙂


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